I’m exhausted. 80/35 Music Fest weekend, know what I’m sayin?  At the Mews until 4 AM every night, cleaning up, place is trashed.  Then I have to wake up today, Sunday, 11AM, to work a wedding reception at the Mews. But it was a great time. Just a bunch of friends, hung-over as hell, enjoying some keg PBR, and each other’s company.

I heard through the grapevine from somebody, I don’t remember who, that on Friday, some guy climbed a tree, and fell out of it. Ambulance came, that business. I guess a buddy of mine knows the guy, so I just called my buddy, to get the scoop.

This kid’s on 4th Street, wasted, on Ecstacy, I guess he’s like 19-20, got 2 priors, DUI, and something else, looks Omish, goes into the Mile, they kick him out, he exits the front door, sees a tree, decides, rightfully so, that it would be a good idea to climb said tree, he does so, falls from tree about 10 feet, hits his head, has a seizure, gets a concussion, ambulance comes, gets him to the hospital.

So I ask my friend, do you know if he’s ok?  He says, well…

He liked one of my pictures on Instagram today, so I assume he’s ok.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.


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