Wasted On Bud Light Lime

I’m exhausted. Three 12 hour days in a row.  I just tried to put a Jameson Whiskey bottle in a beer cooler.

They say, when you’re acting, it’s best when you’re exhausted.  So you don’t push it.

Also, if you’re a director, you should never tell an actor when they do something you like.  They’ll get self-conscious about it, and then, when they do it, it becomes forced. So rule of thumb, if you like something a person does, like when they bite their lip and you find it sexy, don’t tell em. It’ll just ruin it.

This guy’s on stage, and he just sang a song about getting wasted on Bud Light Lime. Made me chuckle.

I think I’ll tell him.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

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