Murder On 4th

2nd to last band’s setting up, 97 people paid, and everybody clears out 10 minutes ago. There’s like five people here. No, shit. 92 people…gone. It’s like the Vanishing, or somethin.

I gotta hankering for a SKOR bar, I sneak out, head to the bodega two stores down, and on my way, I see this guy, he’s got a tattoo tear right below his eye. As you probably know, a tattoo tear means you killed someone.

I can just see the job interview now. Hi, I’m here for the bank interview. Sure, have a seat. Huh, I see you have a tattoo tear. Oh yeah, this old thing? I thought I’d pay homage to a guy I murdered, hence the tattoo. Great. That’ll be good for business.

You’re hired!

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

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