The Door Guy Smokes Meth

Was talkin with the door person, in between shows, and he says, I gotta story for yr blog. All-right. Let’s hear it. Well, three weeks after I got back from college, I accidentally smoked Meth. How’s that?  I say. I was goin to this park, Greenwood Park, to buy some pot off this guy, but I didn’t know exactly what he looked like. OK, I say. I see this car, this really nice car, I go up to it, and there’s this guy in there, chillin. I go, Chris?  And he says, no. Could ya do me a favor?  I ran outta gas, here’s a gas can and some money. Could ya go get some gas for me?  I feel sorry for the guy, so I say, OK. Then he says, I’ll getcha high for it. And I say, cool. I get the gas, bring it back, fill his gas tank, then we get in his car, and he hands me a vaporizer.

I stop him right there. What’s a vaporizer?  Well it’s this thing that looks like a lightsaber, and it vaporizes the weed. Ok, go on. So he hands me the vaporizer, and lights it for me. Well…it doesn’t taste like weed. It’s not weed.

So I ask him, after I smoke it, what was that?  He says, what do you think it was?  And then I say, I don’t know. Finally, he comes clean and tells me it’s meth.

Well, I say, like anyone hearing this story would, was it good?  He says, I was so terrified about it, that I didn’t really enjoy it. But yeah, it was good.

What did it feel like?  It felt like I had tons of energy. Like I could write a book. Or run 6 miles.

Have you done it since?  I ask. He says, no.

Then some guys came in the door, wantin to get in to see the show.

And that’s the story of how the door guy accidentally smoked meth.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

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