The King Of Crosswords

I am horrible at crosswords. Just terrible. What’s a three letter word for the Creator of the Universe? Uh…Bob?  Blank Cruise. Three letters.  Was in all the Mission Impossible movies. Um…Toby?  That’s four letters, dumbass. Yeah. Sorry.

Seven minutes into my shift, these two guys are at the bar, doin the crossword. The one with the pen says, hey Clint. You know what the millionaire’s name was in Gilligan’s Island? Wait a second. Wait a second. I know this!  THURSTON HOWELL THE THIRD!!!

Thurston, he says, oh my God, yeah, that fits. You completed the crossword for us.

Goin be a good night, kids.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

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