Smile More

My fellow bartender is talkin with a couple ladies in the corner. I overhear one of em say, ohhh, that bartender. He was really grumpy last time we were in here…he needs to learn to smile more.

Ahhh, the phrase. The bane of my existence.

I’ve heard it many times. So many times. You need to smile more. What’s wrong?  Why aren’t you smiling?  Well…I’m at work, I enjoy my job, but it doesn’t necessarily make me want to smile. I laugh, yes, but smile?  You’re gonna have to pay extra for that.

Where do you work?  I ask. She says, Wells Fargo. I say, fair enough. Great place to work. I’m gonna come to your work tomorrow, watch you in your cubicle, make sure you’re smilin enough.  Sound good?

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

1 thought on “Smile More

  1. Charlie

    I used to be a cocktail waitress at a casino. Got the same shit daily. Usually it started with “you’re a pretty girl…”

    “you need to smile more”

    We all know life is better when you’re pretty.


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