The Kid Who Needed It The Most

The sound guy comes up to me, I’m behind the bar, he says, ya remember that kid I was tellin you about, the musician, I kicked him out last weekend, for sneakin in beer, in his backpack? Yeah, I remember that guy. Well, he came back again, Monday and Tuesday, passin out beers to his underage friends, right in front of me. I kicked him out TWICE. And he keeps comin back! I can’t stand the guy. I don’t want us to book his band anymore. Uh-huh. I feel ya, bro.

Couple days later, it’s a Sunday, I’m tendin bar, sure enough, I see backpack strollin through the bar. And I know the guy didn’t pay cover. Well, I think, time for a little confrontation. He walks out of the bar, I follow after I finish with a customer.

I go outside. I see him. I say, yeah. I wanna discuss somethin with you. He comes over, yeah. What’s up? I say, what’s goin on, man? You been kicked outta the bar twice this week, why do you keep comin back? He says, I don’t know what you’re talkin about. I say, sure you do. The sound guy kicked you out, for bringin in beer, and passin em around to all your friends. Ok, he says. I didn’t know I couldn’t do that. What? I say. Do you not have any common sense? How could you possibly think that would be ok? Do you see the sign right there? Next to the front door that says, NO OUTSIDE DRINKS. How much clearer do we need to be? And another thing, you’re actin real sketchy when you’re in here. You look like you’re casing the joint. Sketchy? He says in dismay. I’m not bein sketchy. Actually, you are, dude. That’s my perspective, and the sound guy’s.

You need to make amends with the sound guy. Cause he don’t like you. You need a fresh start. You need to clean up your act. I know you’re a musician, and I’ve watched you on stage, and actually, I think you got some talent. So I think it would be wise of you to take care of this, if you ever wanna play this music venue again. Then he says, what’s your name? And I say, Clint. What’s yours? And then he tells me. Well, bud, I gotta get back to work, but you think about the things I’ve told you.

I walk back into the bar, and end it at that.

You know, sometimes, we need somebody to come up to us, and give us a swift kick in the ass.

And I know this, cause I was once that kid, who needed it the most.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

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