I’m at the club, this guy comes up, orders a Steller. Yes, with an er. Seems like a nice guy, I don’t wanna be a dick, like I tend to be, so I say, real casual. Sure, that’s a Stella? Yeah, he says, a Steller.

Whatever…I tried.

At the martini bar I work at, we have Smithwicks on tap, and people murder that name. They say it phonetically, instead of calling it Smit-icks. Drop the h and the w. I feel comfortable with correcting people on that one, cause it’s tough, and next time, it’ll impress your bartender if you pronounce it correctly.

Guy comes up again, says, I’ll take another one of those Stellers. I say, you bet, my man.

One more Steller, comin right up.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.


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