The Lean-In

I’m bartendin, gal comes up to the bar, she’s wearin a plunging neckline. She gets up on the first rung of the chair behind her, and leans forward. Way forward. Hiiii, she says.  Hi, what can I get you?  I don’t care. Pick somethin you’d think I’d like. Ok, one Mango Slut, comin right up.

You know, it’s like a phenomenon, the lean-in. I see it ALL THE TIME. I’m not complainin, mind you, just makin an observation. I wonder when women learn this technique. They’re 21, they look over, see their friend do it, wait a second, she just gotta free drink for some reason. She asks her friend, how did you just get a free drink?  Her friend says, I just did the lean-in, let the girls breathe some fresh air, nothin to it. Huh, could you show me sometime? Oh yeah, no problem. You gotta be subtle about it, to an extent, and you have to have good timing, at the right moment, you have to seem distracted, you look away, so the bartender will feel free to check em out. Cool, the girl says, I’ll try it next time. Oh yeah, works like a charm.

I wonder if women do it at the coffee shop, or maybe a convenience store.

Ohhhh, hiiiii. Lean-in. Just a pack a gum today. The clerk gulps. Ok…hey, don’t worry about it. I got it.

She says, under her breath, I thought so.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

3 thoughts on “The Lean-In

  1. Becca

    Actually, when the little girls are taken into a separate room in fifth grade to talk about the birds and the bees, that’s the third lesson that’s covered.

  2. Charlie

    Learned this at 18, all-inclusive trip to Mexico. The drinks were already free, but it got us to the top of the line.


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