The Last Clap

Band’s on stage, chick on guitar/vocals, guy on drums. They near the end of a song, it stops, the audience starts clapping. But wait, the song’s not done, it starts up again, crowd applause dissipates. They stop the song again, audience starts clapping, more hesitantly, and for good reason. They start back up again. I can see people at the bar, laughing, at the situation. Ok, let’s all wait a good 10 seconds of dead air, before we clap. They end the song, the audience waits, then it’s good, they start clapping, as do I.

As the applause wains, there’s a guy, that starts the one clap. Oh, really? Two people can play at that game. The last clap, huh?  We’ll see about that.

He gets done with the single clap, then I clap. He looks at me. Oh, a competitor has entered the ring. He does the single clap, and I return the volley. He stares me down. I see a single sweat bead fall from his forehead. It’s on buddy. I’ve played this game before.

He claps, I clap, then he claps once more.  I wait. I smile at him. Ok, you win, dude. I smile, he smiles. Then right before the band starts playing the first note to their next song, I clap, he does a double take. You did what?  He seems to say, with his eyes.

The band starts playing. I win the last clap.

‘Cause those are the rules.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.


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