The Benefits Of Being Blind

There’s a guy on stage, blind. He’s got the dark shades on. Really good singer, sounds like Johnny Cash.

Couple things would be great if you’re blind and on tour, off the top of my head. 1.  You wouldn’t ever have to drive the van. And 2.  It wouldn’t matter if you didn’t have a crowd. You couldn’t see em anyway, so who gives a shit.

The sound guy comes down, we’re chattin, he says, ya know, one of his band members should sneak me a cd with a recording of a big roaring crowd. I play it in between songs, the guy thinks, whoa, great crowd.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

PS. I talked to the guy, after the show, and told him these jokes. He laughed, so you can laugh, too.


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