Maker’s Mark Taste Test

I’m at the bar, slangin dranks, the sound guy comes up, orders his usual, Maker’s Soda. That’s all he drinks. Maker’s Soda. I’ve been working with him for over a year now, and that’s his drink. And actually, it’s a tasty beverage. I like it.

After he orders his drink, he goes over to the door guy, starts chattin him up. As a practical joke, I think I’ll give him Ten High instead of Maker’s. I’m sure he’ll notice.  Ten High is the cheap, well whiskey. Costs about nine bucks a bottle, compared to Maker’s, which is like 27 bucks a pop.

He comes over, grabs the drink, takes a sip, then says, thanks, and walks away. Huh. All the guy drinks is Maker’s, and he can’t tell the difference.

The next day, the booker is at the end of the bar. HE drinks Maker’s also. I say, hey, man. How would you like to do a taste test?  He says, it’s not something disgusting, like a Pucker or something, is it?  No, no, I say. Maker’s vs the cheap shit. He says, sure.  I tell him to turn away, I just pour him half-sies in each shot glass. All-right. Tell me which is which. You know where this is goin. He chooses Ten High over the Maker’s.

I’m convinced that when you mix a liquor with anything, you can’t tell a difference.  The differences between the tastes of alcohol are subtle. And when you pour a bunch of orange juice in your drink, you’re not gonna tell a difference between Grey Goose, and well vodka. You will tell a difference with your wallet, cause well is a lot cheaper than the good stuff.

Next time, man-up, and TRY the well gin for your gin and tonic, instead of Tanqueray. Are you gonna tell a difference?  Probably not. Let’s be honest. It’s all marketing why we like these products. And usually, that’s the case, across the board, with all “high quality” products, in compared to the generics, that do no advertising.

Good advice from a bartender?  Hell no.  Unless you’re drinkin tequila, vodka, or gin straight, try the wells.  Or not.  I’ll gladly take more money off ya.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

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