Get Out The Ironing Board

This guy comes in, stumbles up to the bar, orders a Heineken. I grab it from the beer cooler, open it, put it in front of him. Four bucks, please. He starts searching his pockets. First back pockets, then front. He stops for a moment, scratches his head, then resumes the search.

A smile plays upon his face. He’s found his treasure. He takes out three balled up bills, and drops em on the bar. He then starts spreading them out. Oh, ok, a dollar bill here. Ah, a five. Yes, a 20. Good for him. He hands me the dirty, still crumpled five dollar bill, with joy. I say, thanks, I’ll be just a minute, my man.

I get out the iron. Put water in it. Turn it on. Wait five minutes. Test it…ok, it’s hot enough. Get out the ironing board. Creeeeak. Put the bill down, and start ironing it, carefully, so as not to burn it.

Good. Now it’s ready for the next customer.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis.  Bartender.

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