Renegade Book Club

Have you ever started a book club?  No?  Never?  Good.  Don’t waste your time. Met this guy at the bar, we become friends, he’s a reader, I’m a reader, brilliant idea, let’s start a book club!!!  Worst idea. Here’s how it goes. Ok, you tell all your friends, I’ll tell all my friends, we’ll come up with a cool name for our book club, we’ll do some event shit on Facebook, have it at the bar here, folks will show up, line out the door. Who doesn’t like to read a good book, right?  We’ll do it once a month, surely, people can read ONE BOOK A MONTH. Yeah, yeah, sounds good. Let’s do it!  Hip, hip, hooray for Renegade Book Club!

You get there, to the bar, for the first meeting, there’s nine people there, ok, not bad, auspicious beginning, you get a drink, you sit down, all-right, folks, let’s talk about the book!!!


You can actually hear the crickets chirping, it’s so quiet. Ok, guys, let’s start with the basics.  Who liked the book?  They all stare at their drinks, blasé. Ok…um…how many people actually READ the book?  One person raises their hand.

At the second meeting, there were four of us. Two read the book, two didn’t. The last one?  Just me and my buddy who started it.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.


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