The Long Walk

I’m at the bar, cuttin fruit, I realize, I’ve left my coffee in my car.  I get done with the fruit, tell the door guy I’m goin out to my car, and take off. I gotta decent parking spot today, pretty happy with it, but it’s three blocks away. No problem, it’s beautiful out, and good to get a little exercise.

I get to my car, and my coffee cup is not there. Damn!!  I must’ve left it at home. Whatever. I’ll get a cup at the coffee shop next door. As I’m turning the corner onto fourth street, on my way back, I see an acquaintance of mine, half a block away, walking towards me.  We do the wave at each other. Then…what do you do?  You don’t just stare at em. It’s not The Sound Of Music. You don’t run into each others arms. It’s an awkward walk.  A lonnnng walk, until you get to that person.

I just put my head down. Stare at my feet walking. After an hour of this, we finally get to each other. Hey, man, what’s up?  Not much. How are you? Good.

Now that that is over.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.


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