Dick Tap

I’m at the bar, end of night, I see a guy I know, and as I’m walking by him, I give him the dick tap.  What’s a dick tap, you ask?  Well…it’s when you lightly tap a Man’s private area, usually with the knuckles of the hand. You usually try to do it when they least expect it. It sometimes hurts and can take the wind out of a person, but it’s a friendly pain, not too hard.

After the dick tap, I look back at the guy, and he doesn’t seem amused. You have to be really careful with the dick tap. Usually, you need to know where you stand with the person, and how they’d receive the playful tap. I’ve known this one guy I’ve worked with for years, and I would never do it to him. He’s just not the dick tap kind of guy.

As I’m driving home, I’m thinking about the aforementioned dick tap. I think he was pissed about it, and I feel guilty. I put it out there, but I guess he just didn’t find the humor in the DT (dick tap).

I resolve, by the time I pull into my driveway, to be more careful, with my screening process,

for my dick taps.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.


1 thought on “Dick Tap

  1. Bob

    Haha…this is a time honored tradition among men. Also referred to as a “twap” or a “take a bow”. No matter what name it’s given, it’s still funny. Great post!


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