Martini Shaker

Four people come in last night, three guys, one gal. They order martinis. A Manhattan, which is one of our martinis, two Frenchys, and a 2013, that has champagne in it. I make em, put the martini glasses in from of em, and start to pour. When someone orders two martinis the same, I make em both in a double sized shaker. Saves time. So right as I’m about to pour the second martini from the big shaker, the guy goes, would it be possible to drink it out of the shaker?

A lot of things ran through my mind before I answered his question. The first one was, in ten years of bartending, I’ve never heard that request. Secondly, it sounds unhygienic. What’s somebody gonna think if they see some guy gluggin on a big martini shaker? A shaker I use for their martini. But then I think, you know, what’s the difference? People drink out of martini glasses. We clean em, and then use em again. Of course, we clean the martini shaker after each and every martini is made. So what’s the big deal, right?

Finally I say, sure. I’ve never heard that one before. Go for it. He hands me the top of the martini shaker, and says, you can keep that.

I go back to washing dishes, looking over occasionally, at a guy drinking a martini, out of a big-ass martini shaker.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.


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