I love Tums. I eat em like candy. I like to take a “preemptive-Tums” right after dinner.

I brought a whole thing of Tums to the bar couple months ago. Shit was gone in like two weeks. Who’s eatin all my Tums, damn it?!  I know it’s not just me.

A buddy of mine, he’s a musician, we always talk Tums. We have that in common, our love of Tums. He comes in the other day, I say, duuuuude, just got the bomb Tums. Orange Cream Sugarfree Tums. Delicious. Has the same texture as Bottle Caps, kind of chalky. You gotta try em! He says, I still gotta get to Sam’s, get the giant container of Tums. Oh, shit, I say, they got em there? In bulk? Oh yeah, he says. Damn, I say.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.


One thought on “Tums

  1. Bob

    Tums are mandatory in my house. And in the car. And in my laptop case. My Dr. asked me why I don’t use Prilosec or those other OTC medicines. Yeah Doc, if I buy a car I love driving and it never breaks down, the first thing I’m gonna do is trade it in.


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