Completely Forgetting It

I’m at the bar, helping a customer, guy orders a drink, I make it for him, then he gives me a credit card.  Keep it open or run it?  He says, keep it open.

By the time I get from the bar, to the register, I’ve forgotten what I served him. And it’s not even frickin busy!!!  I quickly turn back around, see if the guy’s still there, so I can scope out the drink in his hand.

Nope, gone.

I stand there, staring at myself in the mirror behind the bar, but not quite staring, more like a blank, dumb expression, racking my remaining brain cells to try to remember what drink I had just made 20 seconds before. My fellow bartender comes up to me, to ring in a sale, I say to him, do you ever make a drink, and then go to mark it down, and forget what you had just made?  He says, yeah, all the time.

I’m there, with pen poised over paper. Screw it, I’ll just ask him later on.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.


1 thought on “Completely Forgetting It

  1. Kaveh

    It happens to me with my to-do list. I used to attribute it to getting “older” but I would rather say it’s because I am preoccupied with a more important thought! Sounds better that way. I enjoy reading your posts.


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