Cowboy Boot

I’m at the club, it’s slow, I’ve got a tall chair behind the bar, I sit down, and sip at a cup of tea.

I see a girl, a band member, take her phone, and put it in her right cowboy boot. I’m thinkin, that’s gotta be uncomfortable, your cell phone, clangin around in your boot. But what are you gonna do?  Girls wear skirts, no pockets. Who wants to carry around some big ass purse, always worryin where to put the damn thing?

Girls ask me, all the time, can you hold my purse? And that’s always fun. Yeah, sure, I take it, something happens to it, I’m responsible.  Sounds like a great situation to me.

I understand your plight, ladies, I really do. Who wants to carry around a duffel bag all the time? Not I. But I gotta solution for you. Right here and right now.

They have a thing now, called a fanny pack. Check em out. They’re so ‘in’ right now.

Or put your shit in your cowboy boot.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

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