Courtesy Flush

I’m in the bathroom, cleanin up, grabbin the garbage, that sorta thing, buddy of mine walks in, takes a leak.  He finishes up, then starts walking to the door.  Hey, hey, hey, man…forgettin somethin?  What’s that?  He asks.  Aren’t you gonna wash your hands?  What?  No, dude.  I just took a piss.  I never wash after that.  So you’re tellin me, we’re high-fivin, hand-shakin, and you got the pee fumes on your hand?  Guess so, dude.

Whenever I’m working, I feel compelled to wash my hands AFTER I pee.  It’s only right.  Sometimes, I go as far as wash my hands before I go, then after.  I don’t want to get my junk dirty, know what I’m sayin?  I’m not OCD about it, but it’s a respectful thing to do, when you’re shaking hands with a lot of people.

My buddy leaves, I follow him out.  And while we’re at it, how bout a flush?  Didn’t your mother teach you anything?  He says, I’m not touchin that shit.  Can you imagine how dirty it is?  Well, next time, go wash your hands, paper towel dry, then walk over, flush with paper towel in hand, open door with paper towel, then toss in waste basket.  Simple enough.  Yeah, dude, he says, not gonna do that.

Ok, I say, sit your ass in the urinal, and go that way.  Sounds good, Clint.  I’ll try it that way next time.  Thanks, I say.  Appreciate it.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis.  Bartender.

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