The Women’s Room

It’s the end of the night, I’m counting the register, my fellow bartender is cleaning up the bathrooms. I hear him come out, DUDE. THE WOMEN’S BATHROOM IS DISGUSTING. Hey, I know, man. I say. It’s hard sometimes staying a heterosexual man after having to clean up in there. Yeah, dude, he says.

It makes me just want to fuck guys!!!

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.


3 thoughts on “The Women’s Room

  1. David Steele

    Not Quite going to go that far- but learned that the women’s restroom was a truly scary place at the age of 16 working at McDonalds…walked out when they wanted me to empty the “special bucket” in the stalls, and discovered what it was…prior to that always thought the girls bathroom must be a special place much nicer than the boys!!! I was wrong- we get urinals!!!

  2. brittanykathleen

    I wish I could help the pain that you will now live with, Curtis… but I can’t!! AHHH.

    I have always been abhorrently disgusted in my female counterparts.

    Have you ever been into the women’s restroom at Ryan’s Steakhouse in West Des Moines? It looks like a fetus was hacked with an axe a few times, somebody popped a massive butt cyst and shit our Panchero’s on each toilet seat cover.

    It’s pure hell. And nobody challenges it. It’s just something that’s always been that will never be undone.



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