About six months ago, my boss sends out a mass email to all his employees asking if they have any ideas for new martinis.  I remember a customer of mine would always ask for this martini off-menu.  He called it The Social.  It’s Lemoncello, Strawberry Pucker, and Lemonade.  Sounds pretty decent, I’ll recommend that martini to my boss.

Six months go by, I don’t hear anything more about new martinis.  I get into the bar last Wednesday, and my fellow bartender goes, we have a new martini menu.  There’s four new martinis.  I say, awesome!  Bout time we got something new in.  I look at the menu, jot down the new ones on a piece of paper with their ingredients.  Wait a second, one of the new ones has Lemoncello, Strawberry Pucker, and Lemonade in it.  But it’s not called The Social.  It’s called…

The Strawcello.

What kind of crack was my boss smoking when he decided to change the name of my martini?  Strawcello?  Seriously?  That’s one of the WORST NAMES I’ve ever heard of for a martini.  Who wants to order a martini called a Strawcello?  It sounds like you want some straw in your martini.  Yeah, do you have a martini that has some straw in it?

Representing for the I.O.W.A.

I think about texting him.  Strawcello?  Really?  But I decide not to.

I’m trying not to be so negative.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis.  Bartender.


1 thought on “Strawcello

  1. David Steele

    Strawcello? Social sounds much better…feel like I’ve heard that before somewhere though- have a world bartenders bible SOMEWHERE…Between 8 bookshelves and thousands of books it could take a while though….


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