I’m behind the bar, it’s pint night, two dollar pints, can’t go wrong, guy tells me, can I get another Smithwicks? Slides me his glass. Now, right after this, there are two options, with differing views. To reuse the glass or not. Now, if it’s slow, I’ll always go for a new glass, unless the person goes, you can just use this one, referring to the empty glass in their hand. I’ll almost never reuse a martini glass. Sometimes, you gotta get a little classy. If it’s a woman, I usually don’t hesitate. I get them a new glass. I had one woman complain about me not giving her a new glass once, and that was enough. Always a clean glass, unless otherwise specified. But when it’s busy, busy, I’m swamped, and runnin out of clean glass, it’s so nice of people to say, you can just reuse this one.

If I’m ever pouring a Guinness, I always like to use a new glass. Guinness always tends to coat the glass in a film. And a Guinness is a pretty beer. It looks so nice in a clean glass, with about 1/2 inch of head.

I look at the guy, and I can tell the type of guy he is. Mind if I reuse your glass? I say.

He says, I don’t give a shit.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.


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