Telling Stories

Have you ever noticed, that the world revolves around stories? Stories and information. Turn on the TV, stories, of course.  Even commercials tell stories, and information. The price to lease a Honda Accord is $295. Turn on the computer, stories rampant.  Most all of news is stories.  What is the White House doing?  Oh, let’s hear a story about NASA going to Mars.  Stories.

Everything that comes out of your mouth are stories.  That’s how we communicate.  While I’m washing dishes at the bar, I hear countless stories being told.  My brother just colored his hair orange.  Here’s a picture.  I bought him a pair of skinny purple jeans.  He loves them.

Even information transferred between person to person can conjure up stories in your head.  Your wife says, can you go to the store and buy bread?  Then you imagine yourself getting in your car, getting sidetracked, going to the gas station, you get gas, then you get to the store, buy shit, then you get home.  Your wife rummages through the groceries.  Where’s the bread?

Oops.  Forgot it.

You’re at the dinner table.  Your boyfriend goes, how was your day?  Well, today, my boss, is such an asshole.  He…

Gossip.  Tell me a story.  Make it juicy.

Maybe I’m just in the telling stories mode, because I’m doing it every day.  I ask my buddy, at the bar, tell me a story.  I need one for my blog.

I’ve got nothin today.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

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