7 and 7

Guy comes up to the bar, older gentleman, wearing an Iowa Hawkeye windbreaker. He yells, ’cause the music’s so loud, CAN I GET A SEAGRAM’S AND 7? WHAT?  I say. CAN I GET A SEAGRAM’S AND 7?  I gotta think for at least a second. Seagram’s?  Oh yeah, Seagram’s 7. He wants a 7 and 7.

Listen, people, and listen good. When one man comes along, a great, genius man, and says, for the first time, Herb…get me a 7 and 7, you heed the call of brilliance, and just respect. There you go, dude. Right there. It’s a 7 and 7. And I’ve been calling it a Seagram’s and 7 all along.

I make the 7 AND 7, put a straw in the 7 AND 7, hand him the 7 AND 7, and say, HERE’S YOUR SEAGRAM’S AND 7.

‘Cause you know I don’t feel like correcting him. But inside, my heart pleads with the world, IT’S A 7 AND 7, DAMN IT.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

2 thoughts on “7 and 7

  1. Abigail

    This reminds me of when people ask for a “Morgan and Coke”…. Just say “Captain and Coke”…. That is what everyone says! Don’t throw me off my game by changing it up!

  2. Erin

    I had a girl order a “j&g” the other week. I asked her what she wanted again and she gave me some ‘tude and told me “Jameson Ginger” like I was the dumb one. Next day dude walks in and orders “VSL” which apparently is a “vodka soda lime” I shityounot.


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