I’m behind the bar, minimal drinkers, so I have a few moments to lean back, and put down some thoughts.

My buddy came in the other day, and told me, in so many words, to talk about bands more in my blog. So that’s what I’m gonna do here today.

On stage is a metal band. They’re all wearing black band t-shirts, of bands I do not know. 5-piece. Two guitars, bass, drums, vocals. The music they’re playing might make you want to bang your head, if you’re so inclined. The drummer right now got the double kick going. He’s really good, in a technical-way. Not to say he’s not good in other ways. The singer is screaming his words.  He’s not singing notes, per se, it’s just basically a roar. Lyrics indecipherable. This is one of the main problems I have with metal. You can’t understand the words!  And I’m a word man. Say something cool, and I’m all yours.

Oh, there, they got some guitar solos. Not bad. I just wish they had more dynamics. Quiet sometimes, then LOUD. But who am I to say?  I was a fan of Nirvana in the nineties. That was their schtick. Loud, soft, loud, soft. That style’s probably dead now. Along with Kurt Cobain. But can’t you have a little pretty in your metal?  Is that so much to ask? Instead of a wall of LOUD every song. Just my taste.

I really wish I could understand what the singer is saying. He looks to be an intelligent guy. He’s got the shaved head and beard. That’s so hot right now (see picture above).

This band is definitely good at what they do, I just wish they didn’t sound exactly like the last band that played.  Maybe that comes with the territory. Maybe you can’t do anything new with metal.  Maybe I’m asking for too much.

Maybe that’s asking too much for anybody to do.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

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