Movie Flashlight

I’m behind the bar, my fellow bartender’s like, what’s up with the heat?  He brings out a flashlight from his pocket, and shines it on the thermostat. After a few moments, it flickers off, then back on again. He starts banging the flashlight with one hand. I say, oh my God. You’ve got a movie flashlight. He says, a what? Yeah, man. You know when they’re in a dark, scary place, they get out their flashlight, they turn it on, then for some reason, the batteries low, whatever, it starts flickering out, and you, as an audience member, are like, oh my God, if that flashlight goes out for good, they’re screwed. That’s a movie flashlight.

Nah, he says. I’ve just had this one for like eight years.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

1 thought on “Movie Flashlight

  1. David Steele

    A flashlight is pretty essential as a Mechanic- have a Streamlight rechargeable LED flashlight- can’t be killed and batteries last all day…and very bright! on the down side not very cheap- but I wish I would have had one of these back in the day when I was at summer camp!!!!


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