A Drunk, Silly Thing

I’m behind the bar, it’s getting late, there’s a girl, with a drink in front of her, she bows her head, and takes a sip from her drink, out of a straw, hands free. I think for a second…is that unusual?  I think it would be for a guy, but maybe not for a girl. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen little kids do it, knees on stool, straw in mouth. But the norm, I think, is a glass in your hand, take a sip from the straw. But hands free?  I guess it’s cute.

I ask the the door girl, how do you drink from a straw? She looks at me funny. Well…she says. I usually hold the straw, and hold the drink. Ok, I say. Then she says, if I’m drunk, sometimes I just do it like this (she leans forward). AH-HA!!!  I saw a girl do that last night!  Head down, hands free. She says, yeah. It’s a drunk, silly thing.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.


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