The Best Martini

I’m slangin martinis, girl comes up to the bar, grabs a martini menu, she looks it over, says, what’s the best?  Without missing a beat, I say, who was the best President?  She looks at me, confused, for a second, then goes, ok. What’s the most popular?

Now that one I can answer.

I don’t want to be a word Nazi. Ok fine, it irks me when people say, do you have a bathroom, instead of, where’s your bathroom. But I can’t answer that best question. Do you want me to just blurt one out to appease you?  Do you prefer people lying to you, instead of telling you the truth?  Sorry, in life, there is no best. That’s always a judgement call.  And a matter of opinion.

I say, an S & M martini is probably our most popular. She says, no, I don’t want that one. How bout a Frenchy?

Perfect, I say. Coming right up.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

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