Weekend At Dave’s

Beginning of the night, I’m chatting with the sound guy, he says, did you see the pictures of David on Instagram?  Oh wait…you don’t have Instagram. Nope, I say. What were they? Well, he passes out on the couch at the bar, Rob takes a bunch of pictures of him, with people in the bar, posing with him. It was hilarious. Oh God, I say. You gotta show me. He gets out his phone, looks for the pics, finds them, hands me over the phone. Oh they are indeed hilarious, David is hunched over, head down, cell phone in hand, with all these people sitting on the couch next to him, arms around him as if they were best buddies with the guy, shit eating grins on their faces.

Oh it looks like he’s the dead guy in Weekend At Bernie’s.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

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