Tastes Like Ass

I’m making a drink for this chick, a Dirty Shirley, you can probably figure out what’s in it, if you think about it for a sec. It’s a Shirley Temple with vodka, so vodka, Sprite, grenadine. To be brutally honest with you, I’m kinda against the use of grenadine. I mean, can you imagine what’s in it? Sugar, sugar, more sugar. Then you add that to Coke or Sprite?  That’s a trip to the dentist right there.

After I put down the Dirty Shirley in front of her, and complete the transaction, a girl pretty close to her asks me, is that a Dirty Shirley?  I say, yeah. She then responds loudly with a, THAT DRINK TASTES LIKE ASS. I know the girl heard her. I tell her, you know, I’m sure that girl doesn’t appreciate you saying her drink tastes like ass. And furthermore, are you an expert on what ass tastes like?

Yes, of course I said that.

Can you imagine being at a restaurant with someone, the table next to you orders the Mac and Cheese special. Your date yells, OH THEY ORDERED THE MAC AND CHEESE. I’VE HAD THAT BEFORE AND IT TASTES LIKE ASSSSS.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

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