Welcome To Hollywood

Good Burger just came out on Netflix, and it got me thinking about my experience acting in that movie.

I got the part. Hallelujah. A week of acting in a feature film. What could be better?

I show up, play my part as the proprietor of a psychiatric hospital, the director approaches me after 3 days, says, the execs at Nickelodeon watched the footage, and they’re really excited about your performance. They said, where did you find this guy? Well all right, then!  I’m doin somethin right.

Seven months later, a week before the movie comes out, I take a picture of a Good Burger billboard on Sunset Boulevard. I’m in that movie! Excitement mounts.

Three days before the premier, there’s a special on MTV about the movie, and a close-up of mine is used in the show. One line, but hey!  I’m not cut out. I made it into the movie.

A day before the premiere, I get a call from my agent and manager. Conference call. They say, first off, we’re not going to be your agent or manager anymore. We’re dropping you. Secondly, you got cut out of most of Good Burger. Have a nice day!

If you don’t blink, you can see me in a truck, chasing after the lead actors. They throw ice cream at the truck I’m riding shotgun in, I have one glorious line, I say,

What was that?

Welcome to Hollywood.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

Clint Curtis Good Burger

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