Band is loud on stage, time for the earplugs, I got an official pair from Guitar Center, I live by them.

They’ve got a special home. They’re either in a drawer behind the bar or in my ears. I’m meticulous like that about my things. Sage advice: have a home for everything. Saves you much stress.

It’s slow, I go get a coffee from next door. I’m talking to the barista, I realize I’ve got my earplugs in. I take them out, put them in my front shirt pocket. I get back to the bar, quick piss, then behind the bar, loud band is still on stage. Holy shit they’re loud. Get my earplugs. Wait…where are they?  Shit. Pocket. Nope not there. I look in their container. Not there. OH NO WHERE ARE MY EARPLUGS?!?!?

Oh. They’re in my ears.

That’s how loud this band is.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

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