Bucket List

I’m talking to a buddy of mine at the bar, we’re discussing the possibility of taking a dump in the men’s room. For those of you who’ve never been in our men’s room, there’s one toilet, two urinals, two sinks. Nothing around the toilet, it just sits out there, in no man’s land, right next to the urinals. Imagine no privacy, everything there exposed, like you’re taking a dump in your cell, with your cell mate in his bunk.

My buddy says, taking a dump in the men’s room is on his “bucket list.”

I think it would be funny to go in there with a newspaper, maybe a coffee, sit down, get comfortable, somebody walks in, you’ve got your bifocals on, at the end of your nose, you glance up from your reading and say,

Good morning.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

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