Door Girl Vs Baby Daddy

It’s Pint Night, I’m behind the bar, pouring pints, duh, door girl from our other bar comes up, she gives me this strange look. I go to her, what’s up?  She says, I just got into a fight with this crazy chick. Holy shit. I say. You all right? She says, yeah. What happened? Well, I was down the street, doing door. This huge fight breaks out between these two chicks. I try to push them both out the door, one of them comes back, swats my glasses off my face, tellin me she’s gonna get her baby daddy. Finally, these two guys pull her away, she leaves, then another fight breaks out in the atrium. And they’re going at it. The one is knocking the other one’s head into a steel chair. Finally, all we could do was shut the show down, then they got pissed about that, saying to the bartender, I should punch you in the face. Holy shit, I say. That sounds like a nightmare. Yeah, she says. It was.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

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