The Clint’s

Two guys at the bar, order a Blue Moon, and a Guinness, I get it for them, set it down, they both hand me their cards. I look at the cards. First one, name is Tyler. Second one? Tyler. I write down their beers respectively. I approach after I do so. Did you guys meet, introduce yourselves, Tyler, Tyler, then say, we gotta be friends? They laugh. One of the Tyler’s say, we’ve been friends since elementary school.

If I met a Clint and we became best friends, we’d go out on the town, and wear the same thing. Sequined vests, matching gold chains. We’d go up to ladies and say,

Hey, baby. We’re the Clint’s.

‘Cause that would be way cool.

And then get each other matching coffee mugs for Christmas, with Clint written on them.

And then, maybe matching key chains, with them monogrammed,

To my best friend Clint.  From, Clint.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.


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