The Poster

A guy comes up to the bar, holding a big poster, says to my fellow bartender, can I put this up?  Bartender says, can I see it? It’s advertising for an event at a local music venue. See, here’s the problem with this. The martini bar I work for is affiliated with another music venue. So us putting up a poster for a competing venue?  Not gonna happen.

My fellow bartender explains it to him. He says, I was just down at your music venue, and they said it was all right. The problem with my fellow bartender is, he can be a really nice guy. Not me. I can play the asshole.

I tell it to him straight, basically repeating what my fellow bartender says. Our bar is same owners as the music venue, therefore, we don’t advertise for shows at competing music venues, when we have shows that same night. He looks at me, pissed off, turns and says sharply, fine, whatever.

It’s like if I owned a restaurant, made a poster advertising for my restaurant, and went around to other restaurants, and asked them, do you mind if I put up a poster in your window?  I thought maybe you wouldn’t mind if I try to take some of your customers.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.


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