I’m cleaning up the bar, just me and the sound guy, he’s helping me, grabs some empty bottles from the tables, flyers, he brings over a white plastic bag, he says, look. Someone left a bunch of money. We look inside, nope, not money, just a newspaper. We get to talking, what if there was $100,000 in the bag, what would we do?  I say, what if we take ten grand of it, five to you, five to me, then we turn it in. What’s ten grand, if you get back $90,000? We discuss, no, no, that’s too much. Doesn’t feel right. How about two grand? Two measly thousand dollars. One for me, one for you.  He thinks that sounds good. I mean, c’mon. You lose a hundred grand, you freak out, wait, oh my God, some honest soul turned it in, I get it back, well, there’s $98,000. Two grand missing. Not a big deal, I can live with that.

We laugh, we toss the white bag in the trash, and I think, I know, if that happened,

I couldn’t take a penny.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.


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