Half Full

A buddy of mine does something that irks me. And it’s a constant. Without fail, he does it every single time.

He drinks his PBR’s and shots of Fireball during the course of the night, then for a night cap, he has a Miller High Life (the champagne of beers, BTW). So what he does, he drinks half of it, then leaves the rest of it on the bar. Always. Half of a High Life. Wasted. Why buy a beer if you’re only gonna drink half of it?

Tonight, he does his thing. Drinks his drinks, then orders that High Life. No, dude. I’m not gonna sell it to you. You’re cut off. He says, why?  I say, because you’re only going to drink half of it. He says, just give me a High Life. Fine, I say. But drink all of it.

I go to the cooler. Funny enough, we’re out of High Life. I tell him, he says, I’ll just take a PBR.

The night goes on, I pour drinks, clean glasses, my buddy around 1am says, I’m gonna take off. We shake hands. Drive safe, have a good night.

I’m cleaning off the bar. Oh, there’s my buddy’s PBR. I pick it up.


From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.


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