A Beacon Of Light

I’m at the bar, we just got this new beer tower, it’s for Peroni, it’s really cool, unfortunately, it has a light on it. And it’s really bright. Bright enough to hurt your cornea. Or get a moderate suntan.

A regular is in the corner there, with the Peroni tower, I ask him, how you like the light?  He says, I hate it. I say, I could probably do something about it, depending on what you’re going to do for me. I joke. He pulls out this thick wallet, slams it on the bar. Oh shit!  I say. I go in the back, unplug the light. I get back behind the bar, regular opens up his wallet, throws cash on the bar.

I’ve never been paid to unplug a light before.

But now…I have.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.


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