Back In Black

I’m walking down the hallway of the bar, there’s all these drum cases, guitar bags, amps, along the wall, and I notice, they’re all black. Every single one of them. I walk toward the stage, band’s setting up, I say to them, I see all your bags and amps back there. They’re all black. Why don’t you spice it up a bit? Some pinks, maybe some blues or reds? ¬†Hilarity insures, they all laugh at my preposterous idea.

But then I plant the seed.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

1 thought on “Back In Black

  1. Dan OlderMusicGeek

    You know, back when I was depressed and stayed home all the time, I visited a punk club on the virtual realm on SecondLife. I was always challenging the people to wear something other than black!


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