The Tube Socks

I’m doing dishes, two buddies of mine are sitting in front of me at the bar. They’re talking about a mutual friend of theirs. You know, she just wants me to be a deeper person than I am. She wants to have these philosophical conversations with me, but I’m like, what?  And she’s crazy dude. She hooked-up with one of my roommates couple years ago, then she gets cray with him. Comes into our house, goes into his room, gets buck naked, puts on a pair of his tube socks, gets in his bed, and waits for him to come home from class. I cut in. Why did she put on his tube socks? I DONT KNOW, DUDE.

Huh, I say. Maybe her feet were cold.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.


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