The Racist Cab Driver

I’m behind the bar, guy comes up, he seems flustered. What’s up, my man? He says, have you ever known someone who’s racist that has to make it known constantly that they’re racist?  I guess, I say. Are you talking about someone in particular?  He says, yeah. This cab driver I just had. Oh my God, I say. Blank Cab, right? He says, actually, yeah. Yeah, I’ve totally heard about this guy. He’s infamous. Two customers have told me about him. The racist cab driver. What did he say?  Well, he’s like, N this, and N that. I’m just sitting there, uncomfortable, and he keeps on going. An Asian guy walked across the street, and he says, oh. Gotta get me some Chinese food!!  So he’s not just racist towards African-Americans.

He’s across the board racist.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

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