The What Ifs

There are a lot of what ifs in life. We reflect, and say, what if?  What if I had not taken a right instead of a left. Maybe my car wouldn’t be totaled. Maybe I wouldn’t have a DUI.

Guy comes up to the bar, says, can you run my tab?  Sure, I say. What’s the name on the card?  He says, Matt. I go get his tab, run it, give it to him.

Ten minutes later, two guys at the end of the bar wave me over. Can I get a French Caribbean and a Watermelon martini? Absolutely, I say. I make them, pour them, then say, do you have a tab?  He says, yeah. Matt. I go over to the tabs.

Oh shit.

I gave the first Matt the other Matt’s card. I quietly go over to my fellow bartender and tell him the situation. He says, do you know what the guy looked like?  I say, I do not. Then I get an idea. Look him up on Facebook. He does, and says, oh yeah. I know that guy. I overheard him say he was going to the show down the street.

He goes, comes back five minutes later with the card in question.

Ten minutes after that, Matt #2 says, I’ll take my tab.

What if I hadn’t noticed I gave the wrong card to the wrong Matt?

What if we didn’t have Facebook?

What if my fellow bartender wouldn’t have overheard the guy say he was going to the show next door?

In life, there are many what ifs. And tonight, I had a few.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

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