Sherlock Shit

I’m behind the bar, couple comes up, orders drinks, and as I’m pouring the guy’s beer, I say to them, you’re Newlyweds, right? The girl says, yeah. Were you at our wedding?  You were one of the caterers, weren’t you? I say, no, I wasn’t. Oh, she says. How did you know we just got married?  I say, well, I noticed his ring. It looks really new. Your ring also looks really new, very shiny. And you guys have that Newlywed glow. Wow, she says. Impressive.

They pay for their drinks, take off towards the stage, I turn to my friend at the bar, say, did you hear that?  He says, yeah I did. I say,

That was some Sherlock shit right there, bro.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

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