Choose To Ignore It

I’m talking with this guy at the bar, good guy, I’ve known him for a number of years, we’ve “had our moments”, but we’re all good now. The thing about this guy is, HE’S ALWAYS HAPPY. I’m serious. Always a smile on his face, and laughter around him.

I ask him, to get to the root of the thing, because, how could someone be so happy?  Would you say you’re a happy person? He says, absolutely 100%. I’ve got a great life. I love my job, have a great girlfriend…I’m blessed. I ask, you ever get depressed? Sure, he says. I’ve had a lot of tragedies in my life. A LOT. But, you know what?

I choose to ignore it.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

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