The Tuck

I’m at the bar, kinda bored, I decide to try something new. Keep things interesting. I do the tuck. No that’s not some sexual thing. I tuck in my shirt. I’m inspired by the movie Her. Everybody walks around with nice, tucked in shirts. And they wear their pants, up to their belly buttons.

I ask my friend at the bar, I tucked it in tonight. What do you think? I step back so he can see. No, no, no. You’re wearing jeans. You can’t tuck it in. But I like it! I say. I feel more like a man. With somewhere to go. He says, lemme see it untucked. Ok. I untuck my shirt. Yeah, he says. Much better.

Don’t do the tuck.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.


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