How To Get A Job Bartending

Guy comes into the bar tonight, drunk, says, are you guys looking to hire anybody?  That always kills me. No, sorry, bud. Here’s some water. Drink it.

In my ten years of bartending, one guy, that’s one guy, came in to the bar around five in the afternoon. He was dressed very nicely. He introduced himself, said he was interested in a job, and handed me a resume. This has happened once to me in my bartending life.

Be professional. Come in looking good. Hey, get a resume together. Don’t have any bartending experience?  So what. If you sit down at the bar, have one drink, and make sure you tip the bartender big. Trust me, this will make a huge impression, and might help you get the job, over some guy who comes in off the street at 1am asking if there’s any openings.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.


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