The Best Thing

I’m at the bar, busy hippie show, back story, I don’t drink, haven’t for a year and seven months, but I drink Kaliber, an N/A beer. I put it in a neon-green koozie so you can’t see the label. Not that I care, but…the story goes on.

I make a transaction, finish it up, I gotta sec, think I’ll take a sip of beer, and…WHAT THE FUCK?!?!  I try to spit it out, but it’s too late. I take the bottle out of the koozie, no it’s not a Kaliber, it’s a fucking Schlitz.

My emotions run the gamut. It was the door guy’s beer, not mine. He uses the same koozie.  Damn it. I feel bummed, like I made a major mistake. I feel scared. Am I going to back slide now, go back to my old ways? I shake my head, in disappointment, but I have to admit,

That was the best fucking thing I’ve tasted in a year and seven months.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.


2 thoughts on “The Best Thing

  1. David Steele

    I’ve decided I really don’t care- do what I enjoy when I enjoy it- but then again I am divorced with children- have to take every little bit you can….

  2. oldermusicgeek

    I know what you mean? It wouldn’t be as big a deal for me, but with my high cholesterol, I got to stick to low fat food. So when I do take a break and eat the real stuff, it’s soooooo good!


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